How to create a “Product cards” key page?

In InSend you can create a key page for product cards. This will allow you to see how many people are currently viewing the product. You can display the webform "This product is viewed by X people" on the product pages.

1. To create a new key page, go to “Settings” > “Key pages” and click “Add a key page”.

2. A window will open. Enter a name for the key pages in the upper field, e.g. "Product cards".

3. Go to your website. Copy and paste the page addresses of the various products into the box below. Each link should be on a new line. It is enough to enter 3-6 links so that InSend can recognize the structure of the pages. More pages with products will be added automatically. If you did everything correctly, the template for your key page will be created in the field below. This can be saved.


This method is suitable for websites with a URL structure like "website/catalog/category/product". In this case, InSend links all products from your catalog to this key page.

Sometimes the structure of the website looks different. For example, all pages might look like "site/page id", or pages with product categories might look the same as the pages for the products themselves. In this case, there are two ways to solve the problem:

1. Select all pages except product pages. Create several key pages, for example, "Payment", "Delivery", "Checkout" and others. When you create these pages, you can exclude them when displaying the widget if you want to display it only on product pages.

2. You can try to describe product pages using regular expression syntax. Here’s an article that may help. 

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