What key pages are and how to create them?

A key page is a page for which you want to monitor visits. For example, the contact page, the feedback page, or the product page. If you wish, all product pages on your InSend website can be combined into one key page called "Product Pages".

You can use key pages to segment visitors: Highlight those who view a particular group of products most frequently. Also, the key pages are displayed in the "Contacts" section > "Online". There you can see which visitors are online and on which pages they are.

The key pages can also be used to display the widget. For example, you can specify that the widget should be displayed only on certain key pages (for example, the home page, the contact page, and the checkout page). Or, you can exclude some pages from displaying the widget and instruct InSend to display the widget on all pages of the website except some key pages.

To create a key page, click "Settings", select "Key Pages, and then click "Add Key Page.

In the opened window you can specify a name for the new page.

How can key pages be used?

  • To display webforms. With key pages, you can display web forms on specific products, product category pages, brands, or blog posts.
  • To track visits to specific pages. When building a segment in the contacts section, you can select a key page as a characteristic and see who visited it.
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